Welcome to our website and thank you for using this site and for purchasing from GIFTS AND GADGETS. Your use
of the GIFTS AND GADGETS website indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions and your agreement
to follow and be bound by them.
This site is owned and operated by H. Andrews trading as GIFTS AND GADGETS. Purchases made from the site are subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, to the exclusion of all other terms. By your use of this site, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by this Agreement, and the other policies displayed on this site.
1.1 All rights not expressly granted are reserved.
1.2 GIFTS AND GADGETS grants users the right to download, view and print content from the GIFTS AND GADGETS Internet site for the sole purpose of browsing the site and placing an order with GIFTS AND GADGETS. No
commercial or non-private use is permitted without prior written consent obtained from GIFTS AND GADGETS.
1.3 Any unauthorized use of the materials appearing on the GIFTS AND GADGETS Internet site may violate
copyright, trademark and other applicable laws and could result in criminal or civil penalties. Please note
certain images and descriptions are the copyright of the service providers concerned.
1.4 GIFTS AND GADGETS cannot screen or edit all the content available from the GIFTS AND GADGETS site and
does not accept any liability for illegal, defamatory or obscene content. Users are encouraged to inform GIFTS AND GADGETS of any content that may be offensive or illegal
2.1 The GIFTS AND GADGETS website is controlled and operated from the Republic of South Africa and therefore governed by South African Law. All communications and transactions concluded using the website, are
governed by, and you agree to, the application of the laws of South Africa. Any limitations on implied
warranties or the exclusion or limitation of certain damages which may be applicable under the laws of other jurisdictions are expressly waived by you, and to the extent that they cannot be waived, you shall not enter
into any transactions with GIFTS AND GADGETS.
2.2 GIFTS AND GADGETS adheres to the provisions of Chapter VII of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 of 2002. This legislation provides protection to consumers and the provisions of the Act
are relevant to commercial transactions that may be effected on the GIFTS AND GADGETS.
2.3 The information required in terms of the Act is provided for your reference.
2.4 A COPY OF THE ECT ACT MAY BE DOWNLOADED FROM: http://www.polity.org.za/pdf/ElectronicCommunications.pdf
3.1 You expressly agree that use of the site or the Internet is entirely at your own risk. The site and its
contents are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis and GIFTS AND GADGETS make no representations
or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including without limitation with respect to the site, its contents, the accuracy thereof, or any warranties or representations regarding the effectiveness of any security
or encryption facilities or with regard to the availability of products and/or delivery arrangements and times.
3.2 Information, ideas and opinions expressed on this site should not be regarded as professional advice or
the official opinion of GIFTS AND GADGETS and users are encouraged to consult professional advice before taking any course of action related to information, ideas or opinions expressed on this site.
3.3 To the full extent permissible by South African law GIFTS AND GADGETS, its employees, suppliers or service providers disclaim all representations and warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to
warranties as to the availability, accuracy or content of information, products or services, and warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of information, goods or services.
3.4 GIFTS AND GADGETS does not warrant that the functions provided by the site will be uninterrupted or
error free, or that the website or its servers or e-mails sent from GIFTS AND GADGETS are free from viruses or other harmful components or code.
3.5 Save as expressly set out herein, GIFTS AND GADGETS shall under no circumstances whatsoever be liable
to you, including without limitation, as a result of or in connection with the GIFTS AND GADGETS's negligent (including grossly negligent) acts or omissions or those of GIFTS AND GADGETS's employees, agents or
designees or other persons for whom in law GIFTS AND GADGETS may be liable (in whose favour this constitutes a contract or undertaking for their benefit), for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or damage of any kind whatsoever or howsoever caused (whether arising under contract, delict or otherwise and whether the loss was actually foreseen or reasonably foreseeable), sustained by you, the recipient of the
Products or services, or any other person arising from or as a result of any sale concluded in terms of this Agreement, the delivery, non-delivery, incorrect, erroneous or late delivery, the use, possession or
consumption of the products or services.
3.6 GIFTS AND GADGETS, its employees, designees, agents, representatives, affiliates and suppliers shall not be liable for any loss, damage (whether direct, indirect or consequential) or expense of any nature whatsoever
which may be suffered as a result of or which may be attributable, directly or indirectly, to the use of or reliance upon the site (including any information contained thereon) or the Internet.
3.7 You will indemnify GIFTS AND GADGETS from and against any loss or damage suffered or liability incurred, including without limitation in respect of any claim or demand by any third party by reason of any act or 
omission on your part or that of any family member, agent or representative acting on your behalf in
connection with transactions concluded on the site and/or in terms of this Agreement and/or in relation
to receipt of products or services supplied by GIFTS AND GADGETS pursuant to any such order.
3.8 Notwithstanding any other provisions contained herein, GIFTS AND GADGETS's liability whether in contract or delict arising from any breach of any obligation in terms of this Agreement, negligence or otherwise shall not exceed at any time more than one and a half times the monetary value of the order in respect of which
any such dispute or claim arises.
4.1 When a user visits GIFTS AND GADGETS, or sends e-mails to GIFTS AND GADGETS, that user consents to receiving communications from GIFTS AND GADGETS electronically and agrees that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications sent by GIFTS AND GADGETS satisfies any legal requirements, including but not limited,
to the requirement that such communications should be "in writing".
4.2 The user agrees that GIFTS AND GADGETS may at its discretion store all electronic communication of the user.
5.1 The products which appear on GIFTS AND GADGETS's website or any related sites are displayed as an
invitation to do business and to allow you to make an offer to purchase the products to GIFTS AND GADGETS.
5.2 Only when GIFTS AND GADGETS has accepted your offer and the acceptance is communicated to you, will an enforceable agreement of sale be transacted.
5.3. Should the deposit be made by cheque 10 (ten) working days are required for the cheque to clear.
5.4. GIFTS AND GADGETS reserves the right to refuse, to accept and/or execute an order without giving any reasons. GIFTS AND GADGETS also reserves the right to cancel orders in whole or in part as circumstances dictate. GIFTS AND GADGETS shall only be liable to refund monies already paid by the user.
5.5. The user agrees that any offer to purchase goods or services on the GIFTS AND GADGETS site constitutes on their behalf agreement and sufficient consent for GIFTS AND GADGETS to undertake any credit checks deemed necessary.
5.6. The price of any products or services sold through GIFTS AND GADGETS shall be confirmed on the acceptance of your order. GIFTS AND GADGETS shall take all reasonable efforts to maintain correct prices.
However, should errors occur and items are offered at incorrect prices, GIFTS AND GADGETS will not be obliged
to sell goods at such incorrect prices and shall only be liable to refund monies paid. Please also note that
GIFTS AND GADGETS reserves the right to alter prices without prior notice. 
5.7. All communications with GIFTS AND GADGETS facilitated by the GIFTS AND GADGETS website, the GIFTS AND GADGETS call centre, or email communicated between you and GIFTS AND GADGETS shall be deemed to have been received, in the case of communications initiated by GIFTS AND GADGETS, when the communication leaves the GIFTS AND GADGETS website or email server, and in the case of communications initiated by you, when it is received on the GIFTS AND GADGETS website or email server. Acceptance by GIFTS AND GADGETS of an order
placed by you shall be deemed to have been made and an agreement entered into, when communication
of the acceptance leaves the GIFTS AND GADGETS website or email server. Artwork should be carefully checked
when signing of the proof as we will not be held responsible for any incorrectly branded goods. Please supply your artwork in any of the following formats; Corel Draw, cdr black, Pdf eps or a high-resolution.jpg or .tiff.
6.1 The prices of some products are displayed with the product. For others, please request a quote. The cost of shipping is charged to you, unless you are in Cape Town, whereupon delivery is free.
6.2 The customer can arrange for their courier to collect, or GIFTS AND GADGETS will do so and charge the ,
customer for delivery accordingly. Delivery costs are calculated on weight, size and destination.
6.3 Value added tax at the rate of 14% is charged on goods bought by South African residents.
6.4 The cost of shipping outside the borders of South Africa is available on request. The cost will be
determined following the request. Import duties may be payable by recipients of goods in foreign countries. GIFTS AND GADGETS does not know what levies may be payable and cannot calculate or estimate such costs.
VAT is not payable on international orders.
7.1 All items to be paid in full before printing. Please send us proof of payment to prevent printing delays. All other transactions are strictly COD. GIFTS AND GADGETS accepts bank deposits. 
7.2 The exact amount must be paid;
7.3 The payment must be identified by supplying the order number and surname in the reference section of the deposit slip or on the electronic transfer;
7.4 No transfers must be made from ATM's;
7.5 Cheque deposits are subject to a clearing period;
7.6 Unpaid bank deposit orders are cancelled after eight business days.
8.1 Stocks of all goods on offer are limited. GIFTS AND GADGETS shall take all reasonable efforts to inform you about stock availability or discontinue the offer as soon as stock is no longer available. However, should
items still be offered after stocks are sold, GIFTS AND GADGETS shall only be liable to refund monies where it is unable to fulfil orders at advertised prices.
9.1 GIFTS AND GADGETS makes every effort to assure that the information supplied on the site is accurate. Where delays and out of stock situations occur, every effort will be made to inform you.
9.2 GIFTS AND GADGETS does not normally deliver via courier outside the borders of South Africa. All goods to international addresses are usually sent via airmail parcel post. Delivery usually takes places within two or three weeks after dispatch - however, seasonal peaks and delays at customs etc are outside the control of GIFTS AND GADGETS and deliveries may take longer. It is possible to courier goods to international addresses. The costs
are determined on an ad hoc basis.
9.3 For verification purposes, the person accepting delivery at the delivery address may be required to
produce a form of identification.
9.4 You agree to make yourself available at the delivery address you provide to accept delivery.
9.5 Any person other than yourself who receives the Products at the delivery address is conclusively
presumed to be authorised to accept delivery on your behalf. GIFTS AND GADGETS may at its discretion, insist that delivery may only be accepted by the person who placed the order (you the customer) and refuse to release the products to any other party, whether authorized by you to receive the products or not.
9.6 Should you not be in a position to make yourself available to accept the products at the provided delivery address, you agree to inform GIFTS AND GADGETS in a written format. You agree that GIFTS AND GADGETS has
the right, which it may exercise at its discretion, to insist on the provision of additional verification information and/or a new delivery address where you are available to accept delivery. Additional verification information could include, but is not limited to, faxed copies of your identification document and other proofs of identity
and copies of any credit card used in payment.
9.7 Should the purchase have been made via credit card, GIFTS AND GADGETS may at its discretion, insist
that the card used in the purchase be produce, a copy made and a signature provided at the time of product delivery.
9.8 GIFTS AND GADGETS reserves the right to charge an additional delivery fee should it be required to make a further delivery or collection if no one is at the delivery address to receive the Products or hand over the
returned Products, as the case may be.
9.9 Should no-one be in attendance at the time of delivery, the driver will retain the Products and a
notice will be left at the delivery address to this effect. The driver will attempt to contact you to make new arrangements for delivery or collection.
9.10 GIFTS AND GADGETS has outsourced all delivery and collection arrangements. Accordingly, GIFTS AND GADGETS shall not be liable for any damage suffered or loss incurred by reason of any acts or omissions of the deliverer, its directors, employees, sub-contractors, agents, representatives and/or affiliates.
10.1 In the event of new goods that are defective, the rights of the Customer are limited to the Manufacturer's guarantee of the goods supplied. Liability for defective goods is restricted to the cost of repair or replacement 
of faulty goods or granting of a credit at the sole discretion of GIFTS AND GADGETS and its suppliers.
10.2 In the event that the customer is not satisfied with his purchase, the goods may be returned within 7
days of receipt at the expense of the customer for a refund (excluding actual delivery costs incurred by GIFTS AND GADGETS) on condition that the goods are in mint condition and still in it's original packaging.
10.3 All guarantees are immediately null and void should any equipment be tampered with or should
the seals on equipment be broken by anyone other than the manufacturers' representative or should the
goods be operated outside the Manufacturer's specifications.
10.4 Under no circumstances will GIFTS AND GADGETS be liable for any damage arising from any misuse
or abuse of the goods.
11.1 GIFTS AND GADGETS shall, subject to the exclusions provided for below and the provisions relating to
any return of products, allow the return of products, within seven days of the date of receipt by you of the products.
11.2 The provisions of this agreement relating to the return of goods and cancellation of any agreement to provide services shall not apply if:
11.2.1 any products and services are acquired by auction;
11.2.2 the supply of products which comprise foodstuffs, beverages, or other goods intended for everyday consumption at the home or workplace of the customer;
11.2.3 to services which commenced with the customers consent, (either express or implied) prior to the
expiry of the seven day period;
11.2.4 where the price of the products or services depends on fluctuation in financial markets beyond the
11.2.5 where the products are personalised or made to the customer’s specifications;
11.2.6 where the products are perishable or will expire rapidly;
11.2.7 where the products by reason of their nature cannot be returned;
12.1 The customer shall refund to GIFTS AND GADGETS all direct expenses incurred by GIFTS AND GADGETS or it's authorised agents, in the delivery and order fulfilment of the products and services ordered by the customer, as well as the direct expenses incurred by GIFTS AND GADGETS or it's authorised agents in accepting return of the products and cancellation of the provision of services, arising as a result of the return of the products or cancellation of the services ordered by the customer.
12.2 GIFTS AND GADGETS’s obligations on return of the products and services:
12.3 Within thirty days of return of the products GIFTS AND GADGETS or it's authorised agents shall refund you any amounts paid by you less any amounts due by you to GIFTS AND GADGETS as provided for above.
13.1 No person, business or web site may link to any page on this site without the prior written permission of GIFTS AND GADGETS.
13.2 No person, business or web site may frame this site or any of the pages on this site in any way
13.3 No person, business or web site may use any technology to search and gain any information from this site without the prior written permission from GIFTS AND GADGETS.
14.1 GIFTS AND GADGETS may provide links from the GIFTS AND GADGETS website to other websites which may offer services to you. GIFTS AND GADGETS is not responsible for evaluating the content or offerings made on these websites. GIFTS AND GADGETS does not endorse or warrant the offerings of any of the businesses or individuals,
nor is it responsible for the content of the websites to which links may be provided, or that of any third party websites, which may be accessed through these linked websites. No liability will be attributed to GIFTS AND GADGETS for any dealings with any other websites accessed through links provided by GIFTS AND GADGETS
and you are solely responsible for assessing the terms and conditions and privacy provisions of any of these websites.
15.1 By visiting GIFTS AND GADGETS, you are accepting the practices described in this statement.
15.2 GIFTS AND GADGETS will not disclose your personal information to a third party other than to effect the transactions agreed to in using the GIFTS AND GADGETS website without obtaining your express consent to do so. GIFTS AND GADGETS will not sell or rent personal information about individual members (such as name, address, gender, email address, telephone or fax number) to third parties.
15.3 GIFTS AND GADGETS may disclose personal information in response to a specific request by a law
enforcement agency, subpoena, court order, or as required by law.
15.4 GIFTS AND GADGETS may electronically collect, store and use the personal information of Users. GIFTS AND GADGETS shall take all reasonable steps to protect the personal information of Users. User Information is necessary to ensure that communications and transactions entered into may be completed lawfully and effectively. User Information is also used to recognize returning customers, to personalize the site or to make recommendations.
15.5 Subject to Your consent, GIFTS AND GADGETS may inform the User about competitions and special offers
from GIFTS AND GADGETS and/or its partners. You may elect not to receive any such communications from GIFTS AND GADGETS and/or its partners.
15.6 GIFTS AND GADGETS shall be entitled to use, sell and share any information that does not relate to any
specific individual. Included is information provided by you compiled statistical or aggregated information in such a way that you may not be identified. GIFTS AND GADGETS shall own and retain all rights to non-personal statistical information compiled by it.
15.7 While GIFTS AND GADGETS and its affiliates shall take commercially reasonable care to safeguard the information provided by you to GIFTS AND GADGETS from unauthorized access or disclosure, GIFTS AND GADGETS
does not represent or guarantee that the safeguards will provide absolute protection.
15.8 Unless agreed with you in writing, GIFTS AND GADGETS shall not be obliged to encrypt any information
sent to you, received from you or stored on your behalf or for the purposes agreed in this agreement.
15.9 "personal information" shall be defined as detailed in the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2
of 2000 (PAIA). The PAIA may be downloaded from: http://www.polity.org.za/html/govdocs/legislation/2000/act2.pdf
17.1 In the absence of an express agreement to the contrary, these terms and conditions shall apply to
all future contracts between GIFTS AND GADGETS and the customer relating to the products and services.
17.2 These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties with regard to the
matters dealt with herein and no representations, terms, conditions or warranties not contained in these
terms and conditions shall be binding on the parties. 
17.3 No agreement varying, adding to, deleting from or cancelling these terms and conditions shall be
effective unless reduce to writing and signed by or on behalf of the parties. 
17.4 No indulgence granted by GIFTS AND GADGETS shall constitute a waiver of its rights under these terms and conditions and accordingly that party shall not be precluded as a consequence of having granted such indulgence, from exercising any rights against the other which may have arisen in the past or which may
arise in the future.
17.5 These terms and conditions shall be governed in all respects by, and shall be construed according
to the laws of the Republic of South Africa and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the South
African courts.
18.1 For all disputes regardless of where they arise, the place of the any transaction or interaction is
deemed to be Cape Town. The dispute will be resolved in accordance with the law of South Africa. The language used during the dispute resolution process will be English.
19.1 GIFTS AND GADGETS may, without notice, amend the terms and conditions governing access to the GIFTS AND GADGETS website as well as trade using the website so kindly check from time to time. If you do not agree 
with any amended terms you shall immediately give notice to GIFTS AND GADGETS. Your continued use of the
site signifies your acceptance of any changed terms.
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