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Take a moment to go through whatever passes as a pen and pencil holder in your home or office, and I can almost guarantee that you will come across a writing implement that will carry the name and logo of a company you have never heard of. 

Seeing it though will make you start to wonder about where you got those promotional gifts, and might even pique your interest enough that you will Google the name of the company on the pen. It may not be the most glamorous thing you have ever received, but at the end of the day that little promotional item did its job of getting you to find out more about the company.

The majority of those promotional items will make their way into your hands at events like trade shows, or major sporting events where sponsors come to hang out. It used to be that corporate gifts were forgettable little items that barely held your attention for more than a few minutes.

Nowadays though, the competition for your dollar has become all the more fierce, and that means that many companies are now handing out promotional gifts that are not only practical, but are actually something that the average consumer will use on a daily basis.

They understand that promotional items that bear the name or logo of the company might not necessarily sink in on the first view, but if that brand name is flashed before your face each and every day, eventually our curiosity will get the better of us, and those promotional gifts will serve the purpose for which they were intended.  That is how promotional items were intended to be used, but there were so many lackluster corporate gifts, it almost got to the point where they could have a negative effect on the business handing them out.

Of course, those items are not just used to lure in potential new customers, but also to m aintain a business relationship, and that is where corporate gifts come in. They tend to be even higher on the cool scale, and are generally items that will be used in a business setting every day.

It’s the equivalent of heading back to the corporate offices of that potential client and giving them a gentle reminder tap whenever they sit down to do business. It’s not uncommon for those folks to receive items that go way beyond the average promotional gifts that we everyday folks receive, such as wallets and bags, or day timers that will remind them of the gift giver every time they use those cool corporate gifts.

The ante has been upped when it comes to corporate gifts and promotional items, and at the heart of that revolution is Gifts & Gadgets thinking out of the box, to supply amazing promotional gifts that the majority of us would actually pay money to get our hands on.

The next time you purchase your promotional items for a trade show or event, be on the lookout for the cool stuff like USB drives and stylish clothing, and don’t just settle for a plastic whistle that will break the moment you try to blow into it!

In preparation, you can browse our site for hundreds of promotional gifts and branded merchandise including: USB memory sticks, pens, folders and wallets, bags, keyrings, etc.

Importantly, in the unusual case we do not have what you need, our experts will source it for you!

All of this conveniently delivered at your doorstep, so:

Sit back, relax and enjoy your shopping!


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Customer Testimonials

Andre Maree
September 1, 2016
Hi Edwin

Yes, thank you very much, the parcel has been received and at a quick glans everything seems to be perfect.

Thank you for your … read more
Zilé de Kock
September 2, 2016
Thanks so much for amazing service!!
This is not something you get around every corner in South Africa.

I do appreciate your efforts.

With … read more
JP Veaudry
September 1, 2016
Hi Edwin,

Yes thank you, we did receive yesterday and all seems to be in order! :-)

Thank you so very much for your excellent service as … read more
Christy Long
September 7, 2016
Hi Simangele,

Yes I did receive it and I'm very pleased with the delivery.
Thank you!

Warm Regards,
Shayne Oxden-Willows
September 17, 2016
ear Thuli and Edwin

Just to let you know I received our goods yesterday, everything intact and looking great!!!

Thank you so much to you both … read more
Ashana Naidoo
September 12, 2016
Hi Thuli

Thank you

We received our order. Looks lovely.


Ashana Naidoo

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